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Melatonin and Valerian Root

Sleep utilizes Melatonin and Valerian Root to help you get to sleep faster, maintain a healthy sleep cycle, and improve the quality of restful sleep so you wake up energized, rejuvenated and less fatigued in the morning. Our proprietary formula will give you the sleep that you need!

"I have tried everything to get me to sleep. I was taking 2 to 3 pills a night trying to get a good night sleep and nothing was working. I tried this sleep spray first time I was asleep in 5 min and stayed asleep all night. I have been struggling with sleep so long and this has finally given me the help I need. Thank You My Daily Choice so much for this amazing product"

-Mary Lou Mitchell
“I was always a light sleeper. When I first tried Sleep Spray, the very first day i took 6 sprays. With in 30min I was sound asleep. And I woke up alert, feeling great and was ready to start my day!”

-Justin Poletti
"I would lay awake for hours every night never being able to fall asleep. Now SLEEP has changed my life I fall right to sleep every night. I will never go another night without my SLEEP spray this spray has literally changed my life!”

- Samantha Groth
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